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Continuation of 'Ideas of How Dowsing Works'----

The Conscious Factor:  In a limited number of tests, I have found that, by consciously and orally giving a verbal command to the L-rods, I can control the outcome. 

One example: I assumed the dowsing position and spoke out loud, "Rods, cross when I walk over the target."  (Remember that my rods normally divert when I walk over the target.) 
My results: My L-rods crossed when I walked over the target......the rods reacted a bit slower than normal, but crossed nevertheless.
Person #2: Same as above.

The next example: I assumed the dowsing position and said out loud, "Rods, don't give an indication when I walk over the target" (a target that normally gives me an indication  in the form of the rods movement).
My results: When I dowsed over the target the rods did not move.
Person #2: Same as above.

Another example: I laid down a wooden yardstick as the dowsing target.  Normally when I dowsed over the wooden yardstick, I didn't have any rod movement.
I assumed the dowsing position and said out loud, "Rods, give me an indication when I walk over the wooden yardstick".
My results: My L-rods diverted when I walked over the wooden yardstick.

Through the overt process of giving verbal commands, I believe that the conscious mind can actually 'activate' L-rod action or non-action by overriding the normal 'unconscious' dowsing process.  After reading the above, and, perhaps doing the foregoing tests yourself,  I suspect that you might conclude that dowsing outcomes are always 'controlled' by the person utilizing the process.  I  believe that there can be both an unconscious and conscious level of dowsing outcomes in which  overt control is absent or present.

When I am dowsing for unmarked graves, old trails, railroad right-of-ways, and other buried objects, I sometimes 'sense' that I am approaching a target area.  That is, if my surroundings are quiet and I am relaxed, I feel in my head (somewhere behind my forehead) a bit of 'pressure' that I have associated with  the fact that a 'dowseable' target is just ahead.

The L-Rods: And finally, returning to the L-rods and their function, I repeat my statement of belief that they are not detectors in themselves.  The movement of the L-rods is an indication that the dowser's body is processing a detection signal.  The L-rods' function is like the speedometer and tachometer needles in a car's instrument panel that display measurements of energy/speed expended by the engine and drive train.

In review, I believe that, when I dowse for a buried object, the following components interact and a detection signal is indicated by movement of the L-rods.

The object in question appears to be radiating a very small amount of energy that the eyes detect (but not as visible light) as the body walks over it.  Upon detection of the radiation, the eyes send a signal via neural pathways to the brain which appears to process the signal (unconsciously). 

The neural pathways then appear to transmit signals to the thumbs, plus radiating energy appears to be generated and emitted from the body (into an auric field).  The energy from the thumbs act on the handle end of the L-rods while the energy from the body aura act on the tip ends of the L-rods, causing the rods to move.

When Person #2 followed many of the tests that I devised, the results were often quite different and opposite of my results.  I dowsed the body aura of this person and determined that it extended away from the body much farther (up to 4 feet as compared with a normal of less than 2 feet).  This person appeared to have the ability to pick up a dowsing signal approximately 1 to 2 feet before passing over the target.  When closing the eyes, this person still obtained a dowsing signal when passing over the target.  More subjects need to be tested to determine the above statement of component outcomes.
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