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Continuation of 'Ideas of How Dowsing Works'----

Additional Testing---The Human Body and Energy Radiation: Using that same mirror board but propped in an upright position, (or a mirror attached to a door or wall in your home) approach the mirror in the dowsing position.
My results: When I am approximately within a distance of 1 to 2 feet, my rods move, but they move in the opposite direction than normal.

Use that same vertical mounted full length mirror---before you approach the mirror from a distance of 10 away or so, think of a happy episode in your life and put a happy expression on your face.  Dowse towards your reflected image on the surface of the mirror.
My results: the rods move (but opposite of normal) at a greater distance from the mirror's surface than when I was approaching it in a normal (neutral?) frame of mind.

Using the same mirror setup, think of a sad episode in your life, put a sad (grim) expression on your face and then dowse towards your reflected image on the surface of the mirror.
My results: the rods barely move, or, occasionally, the rods may move a little when their tips are almost touching the mirror.

The human body radiates energy and the nature of the subject's mindset (happy, sad/mad, or neutral) appears to dictate how much energy does radiate outward into an auric field.

Although I have indicated in a prior statement that I do not dowse for underground water, I will include this simple test on dowsing water in containers.

Take three plastic bottles with lids........any bottle that is 16 oz. in size or so will do.  I used GatorAide bottles in my test.  Also gather up a handful of small pebbles, or coarse sand, or aquarium decorative rocks, or similar rock-like small objects.

Fill the three bottles about 1/2 full with plain tap water (not hot) and label each bottle as follows: 'Plain H2O' - 'MicroW H2O' - 'Rocks H2O'.

First, dowse each bottle that is partially filled with the plain tap water.  That is, set the bottles on the floor and walk over them in the dowsing position.
My results: No rod movement.

Now take one of the bottles marked 'MicroW H2O' and put in the microwave (remove the lid first) and microwave on the high setting for 1 minute.  Put the lid back on.
Now dowse the MicroW H2O bottle.
My results: rod movement.

Next dowse the handful of pebbles placed in a loose pile on the floor.
My results: no rod movement.

Put the handful of pebbles in the bottle marked 'Rocks H2O', screw the lid on tight, and shake the bottle for about a minute.
Dowse the 'Rocks H2O' bottle.
My results: rod movement.

You might want to try dowsing the water in the Plain H2O bottle, only dump that cool tap water out and put hot tap water in it.
My results: rod movement.

It appears to me that water that has been 'energized' in the microwave or that has been tumbled with small pebbles, or, that has been heated, radiates energy that the dowser can detect.  Perhaps water flowing underground is energized by flowing through rock strata therefore giving it a measurable energy level.

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