13. Farm Field Corner Markers -- A farm owner once approached me about needing assistance locating corner markers that were supposed to accurately designate the boundary corners of the 80 acres farm.  These corner markers were reported to be metal rods driven into the ground.

The corners had nearby approximate markers of tree hedge rows or corner wooden fence posts.  I used a criss-cross pattern of dowsing within about 15 feet of where we thought the buried corner markers would be.  I was able to locate 3 of the buried metal rods......the 4th corner had been dug up to bury a gas line and the marker rod probably had been removed.

14. Capped Abandoned Oil Well -- The community in which I live had several oil wells drilled within the city limits during the late 1920s and early 30s.  The wells were all dry holes and were plugged or capped.

When the basement was dug for the building of a church in the late 1950s, a capped oil well pipe was uncovered.  This pipe was shortened and the basement floor was built over the capped shortened pipe.  This was confirmed to me by an older member of the church and I found an aerial photograph that showed the approximate location of the oil well on the land where the church building was constructed.

I was able to use my dowsing rods and locate what I think was the old capped well beneath the basement floor.

15. Old Dwelling Site -- This old wood structure house was a residence for several different families for over 70 years.  Because of its deteriorating condition it was torn down. The lot where it was located is now vacant without any structures. 

Over a 100 years later (after initial construction of the house), I was able to dowse the lot where the house was located and was able to map out the foundation of the house and its adjacent structures and utilities.  Behind the house I was able to dowse the location of the  exterior storm cellar, two different outhouses and two different wells that served the household at different times during those years.  Also, I dowsed and located the utility lines that  later served the house including the water, sewer and gas lines.

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