3. The Human Skeleton -- For experience and verification of my dowsing processes, I dowsed a real human skeleton at a medical training facility.  I confirmed that my dowsing ability and procedures were effective for detecting the presence of a body and the determination of gender in a controlled setting.

4. The Body Revealed --  I assisted some church members who maintained a small rural cemetery in the dis-interment and re-interment of a body.  A woman's body, that had been buried  6 years ago, had to be dug up, moved to another plot in the same cemetery and re-buried. (note: this particular body had been buried in a fiberboard casket.)

I dowsed the existing site of this particular burial, then I dowsed the unopened site for the new burial. I also dowsed the existing site after the body was removed, then I dowsed the new site after body was re-buried. Each dowsing experience had an outcome consistent with my expectations and reinforces my answer to those who often ask me during a dowsing demonstration at a cemetery ---- "Did you ever dig up a grave to prove that there is a body as indicated by your above-ground dowsing?"

5. The Body Not Revealed -- A few years ago, I was demonstrating to some relatives my dowsing procedures in a hometown cemetery.  One of my relatives was standing on a nearby flat headstone and requested that I dowse the burial site marked by the stone. 

I dowsed the grave as requested but did not receive any signal to indicate that there were body remains.  My relative stepped off the stone and I could then read the inscription: '(Name) Missing in Action in WW-II'.  This headstone was a memorial to a lost soldier of a past war whose body was never recovered.

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