This Web site provides you with information about the dowsing process and how it can be used for historical research purposes.  It also describes my dowsing experiences and experiments.  As you can see in the above photo, my dowsing tools are two L-shaped rods (L-rods).  The rods can be pointers to the presence of historical clues.

I use the dowsing process primarily to discover clues and to help verify information for historical research purposes.   I dowse grave sites (usually unmarked), old trails and abandoned railroad right-of-ways, old buried utility lines, abandoned building foundations and other miscellaneous buried point-source objects (i.e., well heads, land corner markers, etc.).  I am not a water dowser.........L-rods are my only dowsing tools.

With this Web site I hope that I can provide you with some unique information about the dowsing process based on my experience and experimentation.  Perhaps you will try out some of my suggested  tools, techniques and simple tests.

I encourage you to share with me your thoughts, concerns, questions and experiences regarding dowsing with L-rods. (feedback to )

The Dowsefiles Web site is organized under the following file folders.  Select a file in any order and examine the contents therein at your leisure and interest...........

File Folder Index -----

FileOne = Brief History and Background of Dowsing

FileTwo = How to Construct Dowsing Rods

FileThree = How to Dowse with Two L-Shaped Rods

FileFour = My Ideas of How Dowsing Works & Related Tests

FileFive = Selected Historical Research Dowsing Experiences

FileSix = Additional Dowsing Notes & References

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